1. Why is an appointment needed?

An appointment is needed to ensure a consultant is available to assist you in
finding a gown that best suits you, while also discussing customization and
accessories options with you.

2. How far in advance should the gown be purchased?

Our suggestion is you order the gown at least six to eight months before your
wedding date. Since all gowns are special-order, purchasing at a later date may
incur a rush fee. In some cases it may be impossible to complete your order,
and thus we will be forced not to accept it.

3. What does a special-order gown mean?

All our gowns are made for you based on the size closest to your measurments,
and including any changes or customizations you have requested.

4. How many fittings are necessary? What should be brought to the fittings?

Typically, two or three fittings are required. If necessary, more will be
You should bring the shoes and undergarments you plan to wear on your wedding
day, to ensure everything is fitted properly.